Welcome to our visitors from Iceland!

This is a page of our website, especially created for people from Iceland, who want to know more about us and our concerts, we will be giving in Reykjavik and Akureyri. 

We are very proud of our poster in icelandic ;)

Where and when can you see us?


  • 20. August - Reykjavik
    • kl. 11:30 - Marching - Opening-Ceremonial of Culture Night
    • Concert in Harpa
  • 29. August - Reykjavik
    • kl. 19:30 - concert with band from Skólahljómsveit Kópavogs in Langholtskirkju 

About the band

The Upper Rhine Youth Wind Band (Verbandsjugendorchester Hochrhein) was founded in 1986 and consists of 60-70 musicians aged 14-25 years (average 18). It draws it members from the 120 Community Bands of the Upper Rhine Wind Band Association which covers the Waldshut-Tiengen district in Southern Germany. The symphonic wind band offers young musicians of the region the opportunity to make music to a very high standard. The repertoire ranges from demanding symphonic literature to contemporary music, lighter music and jazz arrangements. The symphonic wind band prepares its concerts and concert tours with full and sectional rehearsals once or twice a month and additionally meets for several weekend rehearsal phases. The highlights in the program are the yearly concerts in autumn and the numerous concert tours the band has already undertaken. The Upper Rhine Youth Wind Band has performed concerts in England (1997), Sweden (1999), Portugal (2001), Belarus (2003), Wales/England (2005), Canada/USA (2007), Norway (2009), Ireland/England (2012) and Malta (2014).


Concert Tour to Iceland: Cultural Exchange – August 2016

From 18th August until 31st August 2016, the Upper Rhine Youth Wind Band will make a tour to Iceland as guests of the partner orchestra in Reykjavik, in an exchange program. The musicians expect from this visit a cultural exchange with many indentations about the country and the people in Iceland. Of course the music will be the main goal, therefore it is planned to arrange several concerts. At the moment the planning for a joint concert with a Youth Wind Band in Reykjavik is running.



The Band is conducted by Julian Gibbons who is a successful conductor and horn teacher. He founded the symphonic orchestra “TriRhenum” in Basel (CH) and initiated the “BISYOC Intercultural Youth Orchestral Exchange“ with more than 80 participants from ten nations. BISYOC has taken place for 13 times in 2014 and spread out all over Europe. He studied conducting with Emilio Pomarico at the „Scuola Civica di Milano“ and attended the „Canford Conducting Course“ (GB) with George Hurst and Denise Ham several times.


2016 Concert Program

The 2016 concert program consists of challenging concert pieces, but also of several light pieces and marches. With this diversified program, the Upper Rhine Youth Wind Band is able to play at different occasions.

The following concert pieces are the highlights of the program:


Robin Hood

Angels in the Architecture

Festive Overture

Gumsuckers March

Aktuelle Termine


Samstag, 3. September

Sonntag, 4. September

Samstag, 10. September

Sonntag, 11. September


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